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organically grown in soil

our story

Formed out of the desire for simpler things. Eat Your Greens was founded in 2017 by Ian King, an ex-Chef with a deep passion for great food and the environment, he set out to provide an unmatched quality in organic produce for fellow Chefs. With our recent expansion, Eat Your Greens has quickly become a trusted supplier of organic produce to Auckland's top restaurants and retailers.

Our journey is fueled by a dedication to the finest quality and implementing regenerative farming practices that support soil health and biodiversity.

Did you know that produce grown organically in soil has a superior quality and greater nutritional benefits compared to hydroponic or conventionally grown produce? Here at Eat Your Greens, we cultivate our produce in nutrient-rich soil using only organic inputs with regenerative and sustainable farming practices. This approach enhances flavour and nutrient density while promoting soil health, microbial life and biodiversity. By avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, we prioritise the well-being of our customers, our team and the environment, ensuring your food is free from harmful chemicals.

Choosing Eat Your Greens means you’re supporting sustainable agriculture that conserves resources and respects nature's balance. Studies suggest organic produce contains higher levels of antioxidants and essential nutrients, making it a wholesome choice for health-conscious consumers. When you enjoy our produce, you're not just savouring great-tasting greens—you're investing in a healthier, more sustainable future for yourself and the planet.

the benefits

growing in soil

our produce

Cut fresh, delivered direct. Our Eat Your Greens range is carefully considered to ensure the finest quality organic produce is delivered fresh on the day of harvest, direct to your door. From the certified organic soil and purified water used to grow our produce to the compostable and recycled and reusable packaging for the delivery of our greens, we believe we can have a positive impact on both your plate and the environment.